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For the love of ideas on paper
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Going Nowhere Fast - Prologue
Knee-deep in a Louisiana flood, the color of the water should have told him it was a dream. It had none—it had nothing. No reflection, no flotsam, no jetsam, no mud—it let the grey light of the storm pass through it without complaint. A silence made material, not changing that which it submerged except to separate it from everything else. And he was walking, he realized—walking without will or agency into the wind, toward the ocean, deeper into the pale flood.
The abandoned town seemed to dissolve around him, trees and houses thinning until all that remained were a few rough shacks rising on stilts out of the tide. He waded to the nearest structure and climbed the rickety steps. The front door swung lonely in the wind, rain and surf lashing the rustic kitchen through shattered windows. Across the room another doorway yawned into darkness. He walked toward it, peered into the shadow, and closed his eyes as the smooth canvas of his experience crumpled and reformed aroun
:iconcharmquark:CharmQuark 2 11
Declan and the Excelsior - Work in progress? :iconcharmquark:CharmQuark 9 2
Motorcyclist Loses Clothes in Crash
Two laps to go and Declan had finally caught the leader. At the end of the back straightaway his heavily battered, substantially modified 1912 Excelsior howled into the slipstream of Heikki Kallonen’s Indian, then all around them the world seemed to tilt onto its side as the rickety wooden banking rose into the turn. The track seemed to rise above him, not in front of him, so much so that he had to crane his neck to see it—a highway made of oil-streaked wood with dirt on its left and sky on its right, the far turn nearly vanishing in the distance like the twist of a Mobius strip.
Flat out, full gas—at 100 miles an hour, geometry and physics were different. Gravity was out of the picture. Only speed held their tires to boards, held Declan’s ribs flat on the gas tank as the Excelsior’s front wheel pulled level with the Indian’s rear.
Heikki Kallonen glanced over his shoulder—in the echoing bowl of the turn he must have heard the Excelsior’s
:iconcharmquark:CharmQuark 20 23
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ACVi EV fightclub rich GBeloeil (2) :icongillesbeloeil:gillesbeloeil 211 16 Gentle :iconjuliedillon:juliedillon 921 34 Cheerful morning :icongrind-the-rust:grind-the-rust 4 1
Peaches in the Fall
You are brought to mind
By the memories of those who I don't know
Almost as well as I didn't know you
It's easy to love
When the blush of community
Warms the evening chill
With you, I was comfortable
Which seemed at odds with how desperately
I wished you were my friend
Living in these modern times
Memories seem lessened if they're not the sort to share
But vividness has its own value
Make it not be true.
Make it not be true.
Make it not be true.

I pleaded
When I heard the world had lost your sweetness
And my grief was only purer
For doubting you'd have ever been
Mine to lose
What I remember best
Is how I felt when you remembered me
:iconjessamar:JessaMar 7 4
Network yourself #1!
We keep hearing people asking for help in networking and are trying to devise ways and means to optimise the community to help!

The objective of this journal is for you to share with everyone what you are looking for and share what you know too.
:bulletblue: Be honest- if you're just looking for new watchers- say so!
:bulletblue: Make sure to state if you're looking for something more niche, such as people who like a particular fandom, or experts in forms of poetry.
:bulletblue: Maybe you want a writing partner or suggestions for a particular group? 
:bulletblue:  Then you can answer other requests! Share your knowledge, tag some people you think could help and share the love! Simple right?


Person A posts: "Hi I am Bob and I love pies, people and piranas! I am looking for people who are interested in science fiction writing"
Person B replies: "Oh I know SRSmith, he is an excellent Sci fi writer, you s
:iconbeccajs:BeccaJS 29 319
Arkade page 2 :icondlmx-13:dlmx-13 6 1
The Tale of the Cedar Tree Blog
So if you like my story about Grimm, the grim reaper, and Godfried, the overly pretentious art director (Grimm's next victim), you might be interested in checking out its new blog:
I thought it was time to make one, since many people have requested it. 
:iconaymstersilver:AymsterSilver 1 8
Ivan Tsarevich, the Firebird, and the Grey Wolf II :iconramida-r:ramida-r 145 18
tWR Answers: Favorite thing about editing?
Based on this poll and thoughts from our admins, here's a summary of the different things we enjoy the most about editing! (The full responses are totally worth reading.)
Zara-Arletis: "Finishing. That's the best part of the editing process. The rest is a slog through your text, cleaning up all the bits you thought were good when you wrote them."
Grade-AMasterpiece: "You just spent time going something once, twice, and even thrice and polished it to perfection. That's something to celebrate."
KaizenKitty: "It's worth all the hours you put in to make it look so nice and shiny."
ZeroSanity2713: "Seeing the finished product at the end, without the mistakes and with the revisions and editions."
akrasiel: "It feels like less work than writing because it’s all there on the page."
Finding the right words.
Domaex: "Finally figuring out how to say the pict
:iconneurotype:neurotype 7 7
Bayern, Neuschwanstein region :iconalierturk:alierturk 1,207 62
The Nefarious Networking Project: February
Hello, writers and lit appreciators! Sorry for the delay in this month's project! I hope you used your time wisely in commenting on your partners' deviations from last month's project. There are TWO new things this month: A new project and a change to the partnerships. This month, you will each get a new partner in order to create your network. You will get a note with all of your partners distributed to you by Tuesday, Feb. 21. Continue below to the activity and/or (questionnaire if you do not have a partner yet.)
What is the Nefarious Networking Project?
Every month, deviants who respond to the questionnaire below are paired with a deviant to get to know and produce a project. If you have responded to the questionnaire in the past, but have not received a partner, it may be because there have not been enough deviants to pair you up yet. So please comment with answers to the questionnaire if you haven't responded yet and would like a
:iconcinestress:Cinestress 6 8
Cassian Andor :iconlariethene:Lariethene 47 7
The van Helsing Legacy: We Shall Not Sleep - 1

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.
We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.
Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.
-Lieutenant Colonel John McRae
3 May, 1915
One year earlier
Sir Hannibal eyed the boy on the table. Young man, he corrected himself. Peacefully etherised, the patient seemed younger than he really was. His hair had grown longer during his confinement, and it curled in obsidian-dark spirals behind his head, like van Gogh’s brushstrokes. Its darkness emphasized his unearthly pallor. He had been pale before, but it had been every bit of six mon
:iconquiestinliteris:QuiEstInLiteris 30 19
Lackadaisy Geometry :icontracyjb:tracyjb 1,891 135





CharmQuark's Profile Picture
United States
Aspiring novelist turned aspiring graphic novelist turned aspiring engineer who writes to procrastinate. Despite how this may sound, I can only concentrate on one thing every ten years. This decade, the right side of my brain has been concentrating on WWI and Prohibition in the US. The decade ends this year, so if I want to have anything to show for it, I better write fast...

Oh yeah, I also ride two-wheeled vehicles and bitch about it to the internet.
Art is firmly on the back burner due to school and likely to remain there until May. I don't really have the emotional energy or time to properly WRITE anything--like write any content that I ever want anyone to read--but in lieu of that I've scribbled out umpteen pages of hemming and hawing about how my plot may or may not run.

I've never really done that before--outlined the whole plot in detail before starting to write. Mostly, I think, because I've always been in denial about 99% of my literary output being dopey love stories underneath a heavy spackling of pretension and angst. It's kind of hard to hold your head up and keep putting in unnecessary death symbols and punctuating dialogue with dashes when the plot outline clearly says GIRL OR BOY MEETS BOY, THEY FALL IN LOVE, THE END.  

But at some point, you just have to grow up, embrace your inner 16-year-old, and write the dopey love story. And when you do, it will be a lot less dopey if it doesn't have 10,000 glaring plot holes. It will probably be 2018 before I fill them all in... Such is the hardship of trying to finish something that I started when I was an actual teenager. 

Not, admittedly, that my grasp of human motivation is any stronger now than it was then. In fact, since I started engineering school it has probably gotten worse.


Senior year, man... between coursework and the job search, I just want to lock myself in a closet and not come out until I have a Master's degree and five years of relevant experience--wait that's not how that works
Midterms are killin' me. One more day and I'm a person again... One... more... day... I'm on fire! 


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